Dan Potthast est le chanteur du groupe de ska punk populaire MU330. Il a aussi réalisé deux albums solos, Eyeballs (1999) et Sweets and Meats (2002).

Dan Potthast has been the lead singer/frontman for MU330 since the band first started playing shows in 1988. Dan's songs have been used in numerous TV shows and movies, including Nip Tuck, The Brendan Leonard Show, and the German films "Pas De Deux" and "Dopplepack." With MU330, he has played over 1800 shows all around the world, everywhere from the United States (48 states, including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, all over the UK and Europe, Russia, Japan, and even Korea. In addition to touring with MU330, Dan has done a lot of touring and recording of his solo work as well, racking up tours all over the US, UK and Europe with just his guitar and boxes of CDs. Dan has released two solo albums on Asian Man Records. The first, "Eyeballs," is a sparsely arranged album that features mainly acoustic guitar and vocals with a few other instruments ocassionally thrown in here and there. The stripped down approach really showcases Dan's amazing songwriting ability and his powerfull voice. On his second solo album, "Sweets and Meats," Dan goes for a full band sound with the addition of drums (Lance Reynolds of Bitchy and the Blue Meanies), bass, and organ (James Rickmann from Slow Gherkin), while still maintaining an organic acoustic guitar sound that doesn't get in the way of the songwriting. In July of 2004, Dan assembled a 4 piece band to back him up on a UK tour. Highlights included an appearence at Morcambe's "Wasted Festival" and an opening slot for the Misfits in Brighton. In October of 2004, Dan joined Mustard Plug, Catch 22, Big D and the Kid's Table, Planet Smashers, and The Suburrban Legends on the west coast/ Canada leg of the "Ska is Dead Tour." In 07, Dan wrote and recorded a new solo album in his apartment in the span of two weeks called "Eat the Planet." It is a mostly-ska influenced release in which he plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals. This album was available only on tour, and was a limited edition of only 400, hand folded and stuffed CD's. It is currently sold out and has not been available for the past six months. Also in 07, Dan started a new band called "The Stitch Up" with people he met while working at a Rock N' Roll summer camp in San Diego. They recorded and released an album called "Attitude Adjuster which was released on Pentimento Music. They immediately followed up the album's release with a full U.S. tour opening up for Streetlight Manifesto. In 08, Dan is releasing a re-pressing of a re-mixed version of the Eat The Planet album, with improved drum machining, and much improved artwork. This version is an actual manufactured CD, and not a CDR burned on his laptop. The new artwork features paintings done by Mr. Potthast, and will be available on his full US/Canada tour supporting Streetlight Manifesto in March/April/May of 08. In addition to playing solo and in the band "The Stitch Up," Dan plays in a three piece band called "Spitzer" with his wife Shannon, and buddy Greg and continues to tour and write music with MU330.

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